Dust off the Bookshelf

As you plan this week, look at your books in a new way. We are currently studying Planet Earth and I will admit I hit the net first for ideas. Printed worksheets and collected videos on Ed puzzle but as I was cleaning I leaned over and found an old Usborne book called Planet Earth … Continue reading Dust off the Bookshelf


Liberty Kids Free

Free Liberty Kids Worksheet! Through some research, I found specific sheets for certain videos, but not one that you can use over and over again. Here is my blanketed worksheet that I use when watching the series. liberty-kids-summary-sheet DOCx liberty-kids-summary-sheet PDF You can modify the doc as you wish, but at least I gave you a start. … Continue reading Liberty Kids Free

On Board Scientific Method 

      This week we started the scientific method. Since I am not a science person, I quickly researched online and found BrainPop. The site is great and filled with easy to follow videos, quizzes, and printouts. Watch the Intro. video (don't forget to stop the video when needed to explain a point). Design the … Continue reading On Board Scientific Method