Make the Page Bleed Yellow

Throughout our day, we highlight! We highlight during all subjects. Yes, reading, history, math and even random stuff because highlighting is Awesome. Highlighting is that thing that brightens a page, brings focus to a word or section and slows the reader down. Now there are sites that say differently but in my case highlighting is a very important tool to my son’s education and baby … Continue reading Make the Page Bleed Yellow

6th Grade/ Middle School Curriculum

A simple, short list… Language Arts Learning Links Evan-Moor Grammar & Punctation Grade 6 Wordly Wise Daily Word Ladder Grades 4-6 Flash Kids Reading Fundamentals: Nonfiction Activities to Build Reading Comprehension Skills Grade 6 Hartcourt Family Learning: Spelling Grade 6 Hartcourt Family Learning: Writing Grade 6 Harcourt Family Learning: Reading Grade 6 Novel Studies The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman; support Learning Links The Golden Goblet, … Continue reading 6th Grade/ Middle School Curriculum

Magazine Inspired Lessons

Everyone gets those magazines in the mail. They arrive and you place them in the bathroom or they get stuffed somewhere. Away from your homeschool pile of stuff. So you forget the magazine and the goodies it has to share with you and your student. But not anymore! Today, you will take that magazine and page through it and find value in the pages and … Continue reading Magazine Inspired Lessons