Dust off the Bookshelf

As you plan this week, look at your books in a new way. We are currently studying Planet Earth and I will admit I hit the net first for ideas. Printed worksheets and collected videos on Ed puzzle but as I was cleaning I leaned over and found an old Usborne book called Planet Earth … Continue reading Dust off the Bookshelf


Inspire Writing

  This exercise is a quick 15-minute lesson designed to move creative juices.  Give students a topic, question or objects and have them write for as long as they can! If you have a struggling writer, put out there a word goal or a time, but I prefer for them to write, write, and write! … Continue reading Inspire Writing

Easy Format 4 Notes

Note taking can be hard to teach because everyone organizes their thoughts in different ways. I doodle everywhere and others keep an orderly fashion down the paper but a guide like this one can assist students to form a method to eliminate the note taking madness. I have attached the Directed Reading-Thinking Activity quick-notes-bda This form can … Continue reading Easy Format 4 Notes