Nerf or Science

Snow Day! Nerf Science! Grab some Nerf guns, develop a hypothesis and run through your experiment. Can a Nerf Gun at a specific distance knock over a tissue box standing vertically? Our kids set up a Home Depot tape measure reaching 25 feet, a tissue box to knock down, tons of Nerf Bullets, and two … Continue reading Nerf or Science


We love to Fidget

I have found that people hate fidgeting. They connect fidgeting a student's inability to control themselves. Some kids get labeled and others continue to feel they are wrong for their movements.Personally, I love to fidget and when I teach I don't tell students to stop. Fidgeting is their way to process while moving. Yes, it … Continue reading We love to Fidget

30 Circle Challenge

Need to break up the day with a Challenge. Try the 30 Circles. Today I used the challenge in a classroom and students loved it. I related the circles to creative thinking and people problem solving the Black Death. Yep, I took two completely different things and combined them. This exercise can stand alone, but … Continue reading 30 Circle Challenge

Lehigh Valley Homeschooling

Since we are new to homeschooling in the Lehigh Valley (PA), I am deciding to share with you some of our finds. I sat next to a lady the other day at Push the Rock and she was asking questions about the area. She recently moved and was like what is there to do. In … Continue reading Lehigh Valley Homeschooling

Star Wars, Sharknado, WW2

My lesson day class is: Hook Your StudentĀ  Today in class I taught WW2 so I introduced it as Star Wars (even played the theme song). I took the class through the development from 4-6, 1-3, and the new episodes. Kids spoke about how the episodes were written and designed by George Lucas. I used … Continue reading Star Wars, Sharknado, WW2

Jump on It

Start with a worksheet. Then write the problems somewhere that promoting movement. Finally, Jump On the Lesson! This is not typical, but it is effective! You can also place a yoga mat down below the board and say it is a jumping mat. Jump 5 times, then do a problem. The combination is magical! Trampoline … Continue reading Jump on It