Sensory Learning

Emmit and I believe in diving into learning through using our senses. Learning is an experience. Learning is a way to take in new information and set it into your brain. Yes, the worksheet can support and reinforce the information but it’s activities that concretely places the new knowledge deep into the brain cells for recall later. Here are some Sensory Ideas! 1. Taste. Food … Continue reading Sensory Learning

Set Design – Graveyard Book

Yesterday, we started a set design project! We just finished the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and finished watching the musical Newsies! While watching Newsies, Emmit stated he could build the set! So for a few days we researched sets and designs. YouTube had some great tutorials to help with project. We are also using Evernote to organize our thoughts!! Super awesome, student-friendly program. It … Continue reading Set Design – Graveyard Book