Liberty Kids Free

Free Liberty Kids Worksheet! Through some research, I found specific sheets for certain videos, but not one that you can use over and over again. Here is my blanketed worksheet that I use when watching the series. liberty-kids-summary-sheet DOCx liberty-kids-summary-sheet PDF You can modify the doc as you wish, but at least I gave you a start. … Continue reading Liberty Kids Free


Inspire Writing

  This exercise is a quick 15-minute lesson designed to move creative juices.  Give students a topic, question or objects and have them write for as long as they can! If you have a struggling writer, put out there a word goal or a time, but I prefer for them to write, write, and write! … Continue reading Inspire Writing

On Board Scientific Method 

      This week we started the scientific method. Since I am not a science person, I quickly researched online and found BrainPop. The site is great and filled with easy to follow videos, quizzes, and printouts. Watch the Intro. video (don't forget to stop the video when needed to explain a point). Design the … Continue reading On Board Scientific Method 

We love to Fidget

I have found that people hate fidgeting. They connect fidgeting a student's inability to control themselves. Some kids get labeled and others continue to feel they are wrong for their movements.Personally, I love to fidget and when I teach I don't tell students to stop. Fidgeting is their way to process while moving. Yes, it … Continue reading We love to Fidget

30 Circle Challenge

Need to break up the day with a Challenge. Try the 30 Circles. Today I used the challenge in a classroom and students loved it. I related the circles to creative thinking and people problem solving the Black Death. Yep, I took two completely different things and combined them. This exercise can stand alone, but … Continue reading 30 Circle Challenge

Lehigh Valley Homeschooling

Since we are new to homeschooling in the Lehigh Valley (PA), I am deciding to share with you some of our finds. I sat next to a lady the other day at Push the Rock and she was asking questions about the area. She recently moved and was like what is there to do. In … Continue reading Lehigh Valley Homeschooling