Scene 1

If you are looking for a way to get up, ACT! You can take anything and develop a scene. Try it! Math- Get Up and Act out the problem. Create a cheer about Multiplying! It adds UP! Social Studies- Easy. Make a 1 person show, make puppets, video a scene, quick go: act out a … Continue reading Scene 1


Art Creates a Story

Have your student, family member, and another draw pictures to share? Draw 2 or more pictures Place each drawing next to each other Brainstorm the images Write about the three images Laugh at your story Share with others The best stories come from wild pictures, goofy ideas, and crazy thoughts. Example: Once there was an … Continue reading Art Creates a Story

Inspire Writing

  This exercise is a quick 15-minute lesson designed to move creative juices.¬† Give students a topic, question or objects and have them write for as long as they can! If you have a struggling writer, put out there a word goal or a time, but I prefer for them to write, write, and write! … Continue reading Inspire Writing

30 Circle Challenge

Need to break up the day with a Challenge. Try the 30 Circles. Today I used the challenge in a classroom and students loved it. I related the circles to creative thinking and people problem solving the Black Death. Yep, I took two completely different things and combined them. This exercise can stand alone, but … Continue reading 30 Circle Challenge

Star Wars, Sharknado, WW2

My lesson day class is: Hook Your Student¬† Today in class I taught WW2 so I introduced it as Star Wars (even played the theme song). I took the class through the development from 4-6, 1-3, and the new episodes. Kids spoke about how the episodes were written and designed by George Lucas. I used … Continue reading Star Wars, Sharknado, WW2

Pretty Prezi

Have you ever tried a Prezi? Switch up your graphic boring organizer and make a Prezi with your student. It doesn't take long and it is super fun. This morning, I asked my son what he wanted to create on Prezi. He replied, "Destiny." This is his favorite video game. Odd topic! But Prezi can … Continue reading Pretty Prezi

Jump on It

Start with a worksheet. Then write the problems somewhere that promoting movement. Finally, Jump On the Lesson! This is not typical, but it is effective! You can also place a yoga mat down below the board and say it is a jumping mat. Jump 5 times, then do a problem. The combination is magical! Trampoline … Continue reading Jump on It