Scene 1

If you are looking for a way to get up, ACT! You can take anything and develop a scene. Try it! Math- Get Up and Act out the problem. Create a cheer about Multiplying! It adds UP! Social Studies- Easy. Make a 1 person show, make puppets, video a scene, quick go: act out a … Continue reading Scene 1


On Board Scientific Method 

      This week we started the scientific method. Since I am not a science person, I quickly researched online and found BrainPop. The site is great and filled with easy to follow videos, quizzes, and printouts. Watch the Intro. video (don't forget to stop the video when needed to explain a point). Design the … Continue reading On Board Scientific Method 

Jump on It

Start with a worksheet. Then write the problems somewhere that promoting movement. Finally, Jump On the Lesson! This is not typical, but it is effective! You can also place a yoga mat down below the board and say it is a jumping mat. Jump 5 times, then do a problem. The combination is magical! Trampoline … Continue reading Jump on It