This is Emmit and our story.

Me: A long time ago, I went to school to study education. Simple enough. I attended school for 9 years and left with two kids and a bachelor degree in political science, a certification

Teacher and Student

in secondary education and special education and a minor in Arts in Education which I self-designed. I have job hopped all over the place from leading a unique program for a charter school, working with individuals with special needs, tutoring cyber school students to finally subbing at a school district. Someday I  will write my book, The Sub-Culture.


Throughout my journey, I have seen many teaching styles and experienced a variety of educational settings granting me a huge perspective on education, defining my philosophy and establishing my style of teaching which atypical. I knew that from the start of my teaching career that I was different, but hey it is what makes me special. 😉

As a teacher, I gravitate to experimental learning, Arts in the classroom, creative literacy strategies, and innovative lessons that engage kids to move. As a student teacher, I was recognized for my efforts through a distinguished teaching award, won Best of the Crest and presented with a Leadership Award for my creation of an Educational Conference on campus. Yes, I was not a kid, but an adult juggling kids, home, and school. Most recently, I was noted for my work with a client while I worked for SPIN (Special People in Northeast). In a short period of time, I guided a client to happiness, achievements, and meeting Rachel Platten. That was super cool. Now when I sub, students declare me as “Best Sub Ever!” and they wish I could be their teacher. “Not yet,” I say. “Maybe someday.”

Emmit: Before his 5th grade school year began, my son started to request to be homeschooled. We refrained from his request but after 6 weeks of being in school he requested, “I want Mom’s magic.” I guess after witnessing the miracles. He wanted a miracle. Odd how life swings full circle.

My husband and I are both teachers and at the time we questioned our homeschool decision but with each month under our belt our son is excelling in his academics, finding happiness and moving forward so we know we made the best decision for him. It is an adventure, but we got this. We are very lucky to be in an area with active homeschool groups and resources aplenty. The Lehigh Valley is a great place to homeschool!

Now, my job is split between homeschooling my son and subbing. What a great combination! Emmit has the benefits of having a mom and teacher wrapped into one and amazingly he loves it.

Hey, I know there are a ton of blogs about homeschooling, lesson planning, etc. but this blog is going to stand out because this blog is going to combine my educational background, what I see in current classrooms and Emmit’s homeschooling. My posts will not only help you educate at home or in the traditional classroom but will provide you with my unique twist to hands-on learning, out of the box approaches and easy to grab lessons.

Always remember to Teach from your heart.