Oh, snap how did this all start.

Well, about a year ago our son pleaded to be homeschooled before his 5th-grade year


started. We didn’t listen and sent him to school like every other kid. Backpack packed. Lunch bag in hand. Emmit attended a local elementary school for about 6 weeks when everything sort of didn’t go as planned.

At the 6 week mark, we began to see major changes in Emmit’s mood. While most kids ran off to school, he was refusing and falling more and more into a deep sadness.  Yes, I will admit that my kid was depressed and we were in trouble as a family.  Even though, professionals told us their thoughts on medicines, stick with schooling, anti-homeschool talks, we listened to our gut and pulled him from school and began homeschooling.

About a month out of school, Emmit increased his reading scores and our kid came back to us. His smile returned and we began to make gains in his reading.

At this time, we added additional tutoring in phonics, writing, and fluency. This was to support his dyslexia.

About two months in, his achievements grew even more. The his reading scores climbed again. We also witnessed his motivation to learn again come around. His sadness began to melt away and his self-esteem and confidence pulled through. Everyone around us noted the change. It was amazing!

After about a year of intense reading remediation, Emmit’s reading scores went from a 1st grade to an upper 4th grader, his happiness returned, and we had our kid back.

This year Emmit and I are cruising through 6th grade together so this site will be mainly middle school materials, not elementary stuff but you are more than welcome to pull from my ideas.

This blog is just going to be a ‘there sort of thing.’ I will post things that we do and how you can apply them. Maybe some links to add in.

Oh yes, I am not having this blog as a tutorial but more as a POP-UP blog.

So if you are looking for something detailed about homeschooling, you won’t find it here.


More like tidbits.

I am a busy lady so I will post my ideas and run back to my life, but we hope our shares help you and your homeschooler be successful in your educational journey.

Allison & Emmit