Dust off the Bookshelf

As you plan this week, look at your books in a new way.

We are currently studying Planet Earth and I will admit I hit the net first for ideas. Printed worksheets and collected videos on Ed puzzle but as I was cleaning I leaned over and found an old Usborne book called Planet Earth and designed my own lesson!

I couldn’t believe it! I had this book waiting for this unit on the shelf of at least 10 years. I opened it up and found these cool facts with bright images. Perfect!

After reviewing the page on atmosphere, I started a quick fill in the blank worksheet related to the topic and amazingly I had a lesson for tomorrow. Yes, the book may be a little on the younger side, but it is easy to read and perfect for grabbing quick facts about a topic like the atmosphere.

Before you hit the net, browse your library and see if you can pull from an old, but a goody resource!

Free worksheet: usborne-planet-earth


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