Nerf or Science

Snow Day! Nerf Science!

Grab some Nerf guns, develop a hypothesis and run through your experiment.

Can a Nerf Gun at a specific distance knock over a tissue box standing vertically?

Our kids set up a Home Depot tape measure reaching 25 feet, a tissue box to knock down, tons of Nerf Bullets, and two guns. As the experiment development, our kids modified the experiment and problem solved the setup. They figured out where to stand, how many shots for each gun and where to place the tissue box. They made adjustments as they went along and continued to manipulate the setup to work for what they wanted to prove.

We didn’t have any guidance in this project since most schools steer away from guns in schools, but the idea was fun, exciting and great snow day activity.

During the shootout, we recorded scores on Excel and reviewed what gun had more force based on the ’tissue box falling over’ results.

Amazing, yes!

I have attached some links, but I love to see what kids create and build out of their imagination.

Research: Beyond the Nerf Gun

Resource: Science News

Experiment Worksheet: Simple, but Effective Lab Report

Games for Nerf: Fun

High School: Lesson


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