Scene 1

If you are looking for a way to get up, ACT!

You can take anything and develop a scene.

Try it!

Math- Get Up and Act out the problem. Create a cheer about Multiplying! It adds UP!

Social Studies- Easy. Make a 1 person show, make puppets, video a scene, quick go: act out a quote or a scene. Be it!

Science- Read about a bug then be a bug. Be an explosion. Act out a Volcano. Video.

Reading- Find a play, stand a read, make a stage. Reader Theater

Writing- Before writing, move in different ways, then write about the movement, how it felt. DO a jumping jack, burpees, and run in place. Write about how if felt, heart rate, hair movement.

You are an actor every day so be an actor in education. Bring it alive!

Drama in the Classroom – NOW

Ted Talk: Bazinga

Quick Drama: Games and Interactive Tasks





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