Art Creates a Story

Have your student, family member, and another draw pictures to share?

  1. Draw 2 or more pictures
  2. Place each drawing next to each other
  3. Brainstorm the images
  4. Write about the three images
  5. Laugh at your story
  6. Share with others

The best stories come from wild pictures, goofy ideas, and crazy thoughts.

Example: Once there was an alien who lived in a house. Kids were at a pool and saw the alien. The sun was out. It was hot. A tornado appeared. It snowed. It was cold. The tornado is a snownado. The alien went back to space. -1st grade

Always be ready for FUN!

Remember: This is one way to do this activity. You can mix it up to fit your needs. 

  1. Tear out three magazine pages
  2. Print three family photos
  3. Find three famous Works of Art
  4. Take three photos
  5. Look at three pictures on your wall

Research: Inspire Thoughtful Creative Writing Through Art

Field Trip Idea: Art Museum

Lesson Plan: High School; All ages

Awesome Video: Elizabeth Gilbert Ted Talk; Even better Big Magic

“Life is Stupid without Art!”


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